The Power of Illusion

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ISBN 9789070978747
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Imitation and decoration techniques  P. Laheyne

Patrick Laheyne is a teacher in imitation techniques since 1989. He started very quickly to develop himself in the  matter and got more and more fascinated by it. Now he has grown to a master level and ready to transmit all the fine tricks of the trade. This book is a testimony of knowlegde and a guideline to create a realistic piece of marble and wood imitation.

The starting point allways is a real piece of marble or wood. The structure, design and colour will be decomposed before determining what the working method is going to be which will eventually lead to a result that is similar to the original.

For many years Patrick took pictures of every step that was needed within the working method to create the imitations. The didactic value is obvious.

The decoration techniques also include gilding, polychrome painting, trompe-l’oeil painting and imitation of bronze. They are applied on the most various surfaces, indoors as well as outdoors and will surprise the spectator by the created splendour. In the world of efficiency and design imitation techniques seem to be an anachronism.

The interest, that proves out of the many workshops in his own country, Scandinavia and the United States where Patrick is invited as a teacher, shows the contrary.

And the decorative painter knows for sure: Quality is never an accident